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18 months to 30 months

Language is one of the most exciting parts of your child's development at this stage. As a toddler, their comprehension and use of words builds rapidly. They are curious to what everything is called. They enjoy pointing them out; to name the things they know.

Our toddler class creates just that for the new communicators. An experience to experience the beginning of a lifetime of learning, questioning and understanding. Our toddlers quickly pick up names of the letters in the alphabet which is cleverly combined with its phonetic sounds and a fun easy rhyme. They study shapes carefully and count just about everything. We also enjoy naming and exploring colours especially if they mix to create more colours.  

Toddlers quickly mature physically too. They are more capable and are amused to explore independently beyond their boundaries.  Therefore we created a segment in class purely for this. They are motivated to climb, roll, jump off safely and even taught to break their fall. Because of this opportunity, we witness our toddlers develop better co-ordination throughout.

Educational research shows that emotional security is the true foundation of learning. Our accompanied Toddler program will stimulate your childís social, physical and cognitive development while safeguarding that security and comfort with your presence. This is indeed the true last chance to bond with your child in class before he/she heads off to Nursery.

It also enables a working process to support the separation anxiety that is yet to come. Toddlers that are schedule to make the move into independent Nursery will begin practicing these skills to enable a smooth transition. A start to a happy lifelong learner.


18 months to 30 months

Every child is born with the amazing ability to learn any language, and it is indeed true that young children can learn multiple languages at the same time with remarkable ease.

Exposure to multiple language sounds at an early age is also helpful if parents want their child to learn another language later in life. Additionally, exposing children to several languages when they are in this critical period can help sustain the brainís capacity for malleability. Research also confirms that the brain actually restructures itself not only while learning or speaking a language, but also from the simple act of being exposed to it.

Our Bilingual class is as interactive as it is entertaining. Children are mesmerized through songs, rhymes, and stories that are delivered creatively. Each week a new word; with the aid of a visual is shared in English and Mandarin. The toddlers are quick to pick this up and translate them appropriately to the native speaking teacher accordingly. This is indeed evident that children adopt languages as part to their development.