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    Nursery ClassBringing out the inherent excellence in every child by cultivating self-confidence and fostering principled young minds.

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    Kindergarten ClassWhere academics come wrapped in rich layers of imaginative, cultural, creative and experiential learning.

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    Engaging the MindTo inspire children to become the greatest expression of themselves.

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    Integrating Fun and LearningUsing play-based approach to develop their love of learning.

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    Interactive CurriculumEmpowering children's natural curiosity and exuberance.

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    Book NestInstilling the love of reading from the early age.

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    Stories AliveAn exhilarating and interactive storytelling session where children will be given the opportunity to open up their imagination and make room for new experiences.

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    Inspiring Play, Inspiring LearningPromoting gross motor development and social interaction through outdoor play.

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