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Nursery One: 2-3 years old
Nursery Two: 3-4 years old

Nursery level is the first step to our independent preschool program. In this level, our aim is for children to develop their self-confidence and sense of belonging in their first small community. Early childhood education at the Nursery level focuses on the child as an active, competent learner and recognizes the family’s important role in supporting this vision. The daily life in school is rich in experiences that draw on the children’s abilities and interests while stimulating new learning and curiosity.

Students learn the alphabet's sounds and symbols, laying the foundation for reading using the Jolly Phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree systems. They explore writing, drawing, weaving and painting, developing fine-motor skills and practiced their confidence in communicating and expressing imagination. They begin math-based activities: cooking, counting, patterning, graphing, block building. They are introduced to art, learning about color, shapes, and art appreciation. They learn about the world around them through different languages, early geography, and explored group projects in Mighty Minutes and strive to solve problems together with their peers.

Nursery experiences are well structured, observed and recorded to ensure each child's progression. Parents are kept up to date with our daily Mighty Snapshot, which highlights an activity the students do on a particular day. This serves not only as information to parent, but also as a talking prompt at home for parents to have meaningful discussion regarding their day at school.