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Parent involvement is fundamental to a child's golden years and thus, it is of utmost importance at Mighty Minds. Believing that parents, teachers, principals and support staffs are partners in facilitating the growth and development of our children, we work hand-in-hand with one another to strongly encourage open communication. There will be official avenues for information dissemination, feedback and open dialogue about your child's education including the school Mighty Snapshots, daily Communication Book and also through Parent-Teacher Conferences.

We also document children's progress through our school boards and individual children portfolios, which will include the children's activities, samples of their work, teacher's observations, and final term report. Learning what your child is learning at school will provide you the opportunity to extend the learning experiences at home. Aside from those, our doors are always open for you to drop by and talk to any of us or send us an email to inquire on your child's development. Your presence in the school will be significant to your little ones.

Rinka Perez - The Expat Housewife of Jakarta

To whom it may concern,

I am an Australian expat and have lived in Jakarta for four years in total from 2014 - 2018. Our expat assignment has come to an end and this is the only reason why we are leaving Mighty Minds. I have 3 children, who are currently aged 3, 4, 5 and delighted to share that all three of them have been enrolled with Mighty Minds preschool at Hang Tuah since they were all 2 years old.

I initially chose Mighty Minds for my eldest son to join the Parent and Baby program because my Australian friends in my condo highly recommended the school. This recommendation weighs heavily because those families have access to other larger international schools such as JIS but they intentionally chose Mighty Minds above those because they loved this school so much more! I am so happy that I took on their advice and I too, have been so pleasantly impressed and happy with Mighty Minds too!

I am always happy to share my positive experiences at the school and in fact, I have even written an article printed in hard copy for Expat Indonesia about the school and why I chose it for my children to attend (this was not an endorsed article and I kept the name of the school anonymous.) Please refer to the following for a copy of the article:  


There are so many reasons why I would highly recommend Mighty Minds to other families looking for a preschool. The curriculum is fun, creative and at the same time highly affectively in supporting my children’s growth and educational needs. They have a strong emphasis on art, the environment and family.

The teachers and staff members are professional, kind and nurturing. They are gentle and playful with the children and genuinely care for them. The teachers are hard working and ethical. They have strong morals and display behavior that are aligned with my Australian values and I believe this plays a huge part of why the school is so wonderful for us.

Mighty Minds is run very efficiently and the administrative staff is equally proficient and helpful.

Finally, Mighty Minds is our family here in Jakarta and one of the reasons why it will be so difficult for our family to leave.  

Kind regards,
Rinka Perez - The Expat Housewife of Jakarta

Parent - Paul Situmorang & Maggie Wu
Child - Mia

Mighty Minds has been a great school and a place called home to our daughter. Teachers and Staff are kind, nurturing, and attentive. Our daughter has grown confident and independent during her 3 years with the school. The fun and encouragement she received from the teachers and friends keeps her being positive and happy all the time. We can't ask for more as parents. Thank you Mighty Minds Family!


Parent - Irawan Saputra & Fonny Taruno
Child - Sarah

As our daughter will move up to primary very soon.. we really do wish that it's just her first day in Mighty Minds. It's been an amazing 5 years journey for us to be part of this big family , .. our Mighty Mind family where a big enthusiasm and love for learning are build .. where there is always an appreciation for growing and a room for making mistakes and learn how to fix it, where our children play and learn equally and happily.. where their confident and curiosity grows and where a wonderful childhood friendship are formed .

Thank you  all the teachers and also school directors for all their kind support and caring efforts to help our little ones to grow, shaping their little minds and give them  a well rounded educational experience.
A safe, happy, caring, loving and respectful atmosphere in the school also teach our children to have a good character. Thank you so much.

We will miss all those smiles that we enjoy to see around the school .. we will miss sitting on the red sofa waiting for the kids to hug us and saying goodbye to each other in their dismissal time .. we will miss all those events that always give opportunities for us parents to have fun hand in hand preparing everything for our children  ... we will miss these supportive and helpful Mighty mind parents who always care to one another's children. It's a blessing to share these past 5 Years journey in Mighty Mind with all of them. We hope that we will all remain as good friends as we watch our children move up to the next level .. embrace their coming challenges with confidence and pray that all of them will become an upstanding member of our community.

Fonny Taruno
Parent of Sarah Ann Saputra (Xing xing)

Parent - Michael Ting
Child - Elise Ting

Mighty Minds has been a great experience for both our daughters and us as parents. We have so much positive experience from Mighty Minds and will happily recommend it to other parents.

Quality education is the foundation for our children's future, and we can't thank the teachers enough for everything that they have done for our daughters. Glecy, Paolo, Berna, and last but not least, Syaesha. The way they educate strikes a very well balanced of both academics, mental, and creativity development. I also find that the teachers have been successful in earning the trust and admiration of our children so much that they see their teachers to be figures that they find comfort in.

My eldest has graduated and now is in primary school, and the solid foundation she received while at Mighty Minds continue to give her solid footing in continuing her primary school education. My second and youngest daughter has also progressed so much, both academically and mentally, and we feel confident that she will perform very well after she graduate from Mighty Minds. The positive experience they received in Mighty Minds have instilled a sense of love for school and learning, and I am very grateful for that.

Thank you very much to Mighty Minds, and especially the teachers.

Parent - Jovita Asmarawati
Child - Naren

I had always wanted a school that is warm, welcoming, and nurturing for my children's first introduction to education. I believe Mighty Minds Preschool meets all these criteria. I see that the school environment is always happy and cheerful, while the teachers are kind, caring, and strict whenever they have to. The school has the perfect combination of play time and structured study to encourage creativity and learning. I also appreciate that the school activities and events were well thought off and executed; I am always delighted by the outcomes. The school's learning philosophy of 'studying should be fun' has encouraged my son to grow into an eager and confident learner. Thank you Mighty Minds Team for providing such a wonderful learning place for young minds to grow.

Parent - Hana de Carbonnel
Child - Aria

Dear Mighty Minds Team,

We could not be happier with the learning environment Mighty Minds provides.  The nurturing and inclusive play-based learning really promotes the children's curiosity and confidence, whilst they are having fun.  To me, it is so important to foster a love of school from an early age to provide a positive foundation for learning.  You can see how happy the children are and how much they love the teachers when they arrive at school and immediately run into their arms.  The teachers and administrative staff sincerely care about the children and take genuine interest in each child's unique talents and interests.  During this summer vacation, my son keeps asking when he'll be coming back to school! Thank you Mighty Minds team for making learning so much fun!

Parent - Lea Hambali
Children - Logan and Andrea

We feel that a preschool should be an extension of our home, and we are so fortunate to have found this in Mighty Minds. It is wonderfully happy and positive environment for our kids to explore and learn.

We are grateful that Mighty Minds have made us feel like we are part of a bigger family. The school directors are involved in the day-to-day activities and are often around at the school, ready to speak to us about any concerns that we might have.

The open communication between teachers and parents is really helpful, especially for working parents like myself, who might have missed what went on at school or what was coming up. The daily and weekly newsletters through e-mail and regular updates on the communication books also allow us to be able to have discussions at home about what the kids were up to in school.

We were looking for a preschool where the kids could grow and learn through play, we couldn't have found a better match than Mighty Minds, as they use unique teaching methods to explore a new topic or skill. Even though they are still able to balance the academic side of early childhood education, they do so much more than just paper and pen table activities, which results in a much more engaging learning process for the kids.

We are amazed by the development we've seen in our kids in their preschool years, and we have seen them grow into curious and confident children who are always eager to learn and find out more. Our children have truly found a love of learning that will hopefully last a lifetime. What a wonderful foundation to have for their future.

We thank Mighty Minds for providing a safe, caring, and loving environment for our kids, where it feels just like a second home for them. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the wonderfully compassionate teachers and staff who shares and extends our family values. They teach by example, are kind and encouraging, yet firm in instilling the importance of discipline, respect, and good character.

Furthermore we are also grateful for the warm relationship and support structure that have developed among fellow parents. We feel very blessed to share this journey along with many helpful families who genuinely care for each other's children and wellbeing.

Parent - Tira Sevilla
Child - Adeline

When my daughter, Adeline Sevilla, was about 21 months old, I started to look for toddler classes for her since she seemed to be very bored at home.  We looked at several places in the Menteng area, where we reside, as well as in South Jakarta area, where it is not too far from my office.  Both Adele and I immediately fell in love with Mighty Minds.  Adele loves Mighty Minds from her Day 1.  She loves all her teachers and so do we (my husband and I).

Since both my husband and I work full-time, we appreciate the fact that Mighty Minds and the teachers inform us of all activities way ahead of time.  We also like the fact that the school is very organized in terms of providing updates of Adele's daily activities and progress throughout the year.  And most importantly, we feel that the teachers pay close attention to each of the students, which alleviate our worries of Adele's safety and health, as well as her learning abilities while in school.  Adele has grown to be a very happy, confident and independent child in Mighty Minds, and we are truly grateful and blessed to be part of this school.

Thank you!

Parent - Emi Atmadiredja
Child - Aria

Dear Mighty Minds Team,

Thank you so much for being a critical part of Aria's first years in school. Aria has blossomed tremendously since her first days in school. Graduating from bilingual toddler class and taking a big step to independent learning in Nursery 1; From all the 'I-don't-want-to-go-to-school' drama and crying, to being her own silly joker self in class as well as a confident performer on a big stage. She has wholly enjoyed what I believe to be a well-rounded early education provided by the school, coming home each day with new knowledge to share with us. We commend your patience and your dedication to Aria and every single child in the class as individuals and are looking forward to the years till it is finally time to move on and up and say our goodbyes.