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The Creative Curriculum™ is centered on the principle that children learn best through positive interactions and relationships within their environment. The quality of these interactions impacts the children’s enthusiasm for learning, ability to overcome adversity and academic success. Our classrooms are structured in a way to foster this sense of community. Lesson plans, presentation of concepts and discussion of topics are all designed to encourage children to collaborate with each other and their teachers. Real learning happens in the moments of these genuine interactions.

Our syllabus also ensures that teachers know not only what and how to teach children but why particular activities are effective. Constructive, purposeful play is key to essential learning. Through play, children learn to observe, compare, sort, and sequence. This applies to many ideas, be it mathematical, scientific and even constructing literacy understandings. Their knowledge grows as they experiment, make creative explorations, and modify their current thinking to incorporate new insights. When presented with an environment rich with possibilities, children will be self-motivated to learn. Our goal is for each child to be an independent, self-confident and inquisitive learner.

Quality education is our promise to you and your children. Above all else, parental involvement plays a significant and irreplaceable role in the children’s early childhood development. Let us work together side by side as partners to nurture our children and build within them a strong sense of self, so that they perform well academically, and embrace coming challenges with confidence.

Our diverse subjects:
Literacy | Math | Mighty Minutes | Stories Alive | Mighty Mess | Music and Movement | Mandarin | Indonesian Culture | Physical Education | Outdoor Play | Mighty Map | Show and Tell | Assembly