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6 months to 18 months

Your child will grow and learn more in their first 12 months than at any other time of their life. Their inclination to discover and comprehend begins even before birth. Soon after; they begin exploring their new world and developing their skills. Babies begin to make connections through all their senses, as the synapses in their brains start to link. Curious as ever, they carve these brain stimulation and crucial physical enrichment, which often may not be sufficiently met at home.  

As educators, we understand the importance of these developmental needs. This is why we have carefully created a conducive space where the very young are motivated to strengthen their abilities and independently move. The crawlers and new walkers can safely explore through these joyful stages, all at their own pace. Whilst being enriched in an environment that is rich in language, stories, music and rhymes. All of which, working hand in hand to inspire expressive speech.

This is an accompanied program that encourages the whole family’s involvement. A one adult to one child ratio encourages parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to take turns in participating in the class together with the child.  Our classroom is welcoming, calm and nurturing.
We take much pride in personally selecting all our teaching tools to make sure they are safe. We even make our own edible paints for art and use food grade products for our sensorial materials. Infants enjoy the textures, colours, smells and sounds throughout all our activities. Our aims are to ensure these beginning learners grow strong and are given every opportunity to wonder, ponder and discover!