Home Parents Involvement

Parents’ involvement is fundamental to a child’s golden years and thus, it is of utmost importance at Mighty Minds. Believing that parents, teachers, principals and support staffs are partners in facilitating the growth and development of our children, we work hand-in-hand with one another to strongly encourage open communication. There will be official avenues for information dissemination, feedback and open dialogue about your child’s education including the school newsletters, daily Communication Book and also through Parent-Teacher Conferences. We also document children’s progress through our school boards and individual children portfolios, which will include the children’s activities, samples of their work, teacher’s observations, and final term report. Learning what your child is learning at school will provide you the opportunity to extend the learning experiences at home. Aside from those, our doors are always open for you to drop by and talk to any of us or send us an email to inquire on your child’s development. Your presence in the school will be significant to your little ones.