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Separating from your child for the first time

Most preschool classes are unaccompanied to develop their social skills and start practicing independence. Children will learn to make friends, share, take turns, and hold back on impulses, express their opinions and be exposed to other children from different backgrounds. In an unaccompanied class, children will also learn from each other faster as they observe, interact and work together on projects. Separating from your child is heart-breaking for both the child and the parents, however, as soon as you see your little one walk independently into his/her class, you will undoubtedly feel the priceless triumph and pride for your child.

Some helpful tips to ease separation anxiety:
DO: Keep your good-byes short and sweet. In doing so, you convey the message that you have confidence in your child's ability to cope.
DO: Develop loving good-bye routines. (e.g. Invent a kiss-hug-nose-rub routine that both you and your child will enjoy.)
DO: Send clear messages. Your child needs to know that you expect him/her to go to school no matter how much he/she fusses cries or stamps his/her feet.
DON'T: Hover around. Your child will sense your anxiety, and this will make it more difficult for him/her to calm down.
DON'T: Sneak out. You want your child to know unequivocally that he/she can trust you.
DON'T: Bargain or bribe your child to behave. Your little one should be allowed his/her feelings.

source : mighty minds team