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Stories Alive at Grand Indonesia by Mighty Minds Preschool

We are back! Come and join us for fun filled story telling sessions and experienec the books come alive. Get messy with our activities if you dare. So bring your friends and see you there.



Welcome to Our Open House!

Dear family, friends, and beloved parents. Our dream is finally coming true! We hereby proudly invite you and your little ones for fun and celebration at the Mighty Minds Preschool "Open House" event. Date : Friday and Saturday, 9th-10th of November 2012. Time 9AM to 5PM. Address Jalan Hang Tuah Raya no. 19 Jakarta Selatan 12210. Tel +6221 7251810. Website Receive Early Bird Promotion when you register at our Open House!



Stories Alive!

Mighty Minds Preschool presents Stories Alive! Come join us for fun-filled storytelling sessions & experience the books come alive! Get messy with our activities if you dare! So bring your friends and see you there!



10 Reading Readiness Skills for Kindergarten Kids

As the parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener, you might be a bit astounded by the reading goals your school has set for your child. Today's parents are often shocked when they come to school for orientation and see what's on the docket when it comes to reading. What happened to a full day of crayons? What happened to unlimited time in the sand box?



The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Physical benefits

Playing outside as a child leads to a healthy adulthood claims the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Running, swimming, even climbing play gyms are fun outdoor activities that help kids stay healthy. Children who learn to love outdoor physical activities carry these healthy interests into adulthood. As adults, they stay fit and continue to lessen their chances of serious illnesses.



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